Best Firearms for Cold Winter Weather

Best Firearms for Cold Winter Weather

With the winter fast approaching lets talk about what we have all come to despise, the damp, wet, cold.

Conventional gun finishes like bluing for example, may look totally brilliant but yet offer little security against dampness, and when rust and erosion sets in it can totally decimate the look and the resale value of your guns.

Luckily, you can evade these sorts of issues by putting resources into all-weather guns that are made out of materials that have finishes deliberately created to be rust and corrosion safe, which means you can use the gun in all wet weather conditions outside and rusting from dampness will be less likely of an issue.

Here are the top all weather guns that can deal well with winter conditions:

 Glock in Snow


In this classification you would include any advanced polymer casing, striker fire pistol available. Yet, the Glock stands out because of the fact that it's the first such gun.

The polymer casing that comes with Glock guns as well as their rust proof Tenifer coating over the slides is specifically what makes them as weather proof as are.


Henry All-Weather Lever Action Rifles

The Henry All-Weather Lever Action rifles are made specifically to be utilized for hunting and shooting in severe weather conditions.

These rifles have a chrome plating over a stainless steel finish and with dark engineered furniture for ideal rust and erosion obstruction. The rifles are accessible in either .45-70 Government and .30-30 Winchester.


Marlin 336 SS

The Marlin 336 in .30-30 Winchester is one of the most mainstream deer hunting rifles in North America. It's lightweight, compact, simple to shoot, and uses one of the most vigorous lever action instruments available.

Worth noting that most 336 rifles come with a blued finish, which isn't the best coating to use out in the snow at all. Another option, you can go with is the 336 SS, which has a stainless steel finish and will be substantially more rust proof.

The 336 SS additionally has a 20 inch barrel, seven pound overall weight, and 6+1 standard magazine limit.


Mossberg 590A1

The Mossberg 590A1 in 12 gauge is a reliable sturdy all-weather shotgun that has a dark manufactured furnishing and an resilient parkerized finish. There are additionally versions that include ghost ring sights or with the standard bead shotgun sight.

The 590A1 is a shotgun constructed only for military use, it stands alone in being the only pump action shotgun to pass the U.S. Armed force's shotgun torment test. The standard form has an all out limit of 8+1 rounds.

 Savage 110 Storm Outdoors

Savage 110 Storm

The Savage 110 Storm is a great all-weather bolt action hunting rifle that has various cool features, including a flexible Accutrigger and AccuStock so you can tweak your rifle to your own needs and preferences.

The 110 Storm also features a stainless steel finish and a manufactured dark coating, which will be incredible for sloppy, wet, or blanketed conditions.

 Tikka T3x Stainless Hunter Lite

Tikka T3x Stainless

The Tikka T3x arrangement of bolt action hunting rifles are among the greatest 'financially speaking' situated hunting rifles available today.

They are ensured 1-MOA precision out of the case and are likewise known for their smooth actions. The Tikka T3x Stainless Steel rendition will be a phenomenal choice with its dark engineered stock for use out in the snow.


Winchester Model 70 Extreme Weather SS

The Winchester Model 70 Extreme Weather SS is exactly what the name says: a hunting rifle that is intended to deal with extreme weather.

Made out of a rust and erosion safe stainless steel and with a weather safe composite stock, this is the sort of rifle that you can keep thrown over your back in pouring downpour or heavy snow with no need to stress over damage to your rifle.

The Extreme Weather SS accompanies a similar time tested Mauser-style action and three position  security features that the Winchester M70 is known for, a MOA trigger, Pre-'64 style claw extractor, and also is accessible in pretty much any major centerfire rifle caliber that you can consider, including .270 Winchester, .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, .300 Win Mag, etc.


Ruger GP100 Stainless

The Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum in stainless steel is one of the most meaty and sturdy double action revolvers out there to date.

The GP100 is intended to shoot a boundless number of .357 Magnum rounds without the chamber catching or running into some other issues (dissimilar to most revolvers that need to be cooled off after discharging a large volume of Magnum rounds through them).

The GP100 in a stainless steel finish will likewise be considerably more rust and erosion safe than the blued rendition and a superior decision for a sidearm when you're traveling out in the snow.

 AK-47 in the Snow

Honourable Mention - AK-47

We've all heard the legends of AK's being dragged through the mud, washed off, and working just like new. By and large, AK-47 rifles were intended to work well in adverse climate situations.

To this end, the wider chamber gaps with less surface areas that are in contact with the chamber, resulting in less stick when the bolt is in the forward position.


In the End 

What every one of the above guns have in connection with each other is that they will perform well in the worst of weather conditions and you won't need to stress over weather damage issues as much as you would need to when using other guns.