Best Gun Safes For Ultimate Access, Safety, & Protection

Best Gun Safes For Ultimate Access, Safety, & Protection

For what reason would it be a good idea for you to put your well deserved cash in a huge metal lockbox?

To sort this out, we should initially investigate the meaning of "safe":

"Secure from obligation to hurt, injury, threat, or danger".

So a weapon safe's sole reason for existing is to keep your important guns out of danger, to protect them from the components (fire, water), thieves, or inquisitive children.


While all weapon safes have a similar objective, not all guns safes are made equivalent.


  • There are safes intended for explicit sorts of firearms (handguns or rifles).
  • There are safes made for fast access, while other safes are intended for fire or water protection.
  • There are portable safes, permanently in place gun safes, wall mounted safes or concealed safes.
  • There are single weapon safes or safes intended for a whole stockpile of guns. So finding the "right" firearm safe that serves you really relies upon your own individual requirements.


So, today we will cover a few types of weapon safes. We will examine each of the safes unique attributes and provide an example gun safe with each category that we suggest.


  1. Biometric Gun Safe

A biometric firearm safe is quite possibly the most progressive and secure safes available today.

This safe permits you to use your own fingerprints to gain access. The possibility of two individuals having similar fingerprints is around 1 out of 64 million. So it's safe to say someone else utilizing your fingerprints as an entrance code is a incredibly low risk.

Generally safes have passwords or combinations you need to enter for access yet with a biometric firearm safe, you press your fingerprints to the scanner and it opens up.

In conclusion, the only way another person could get into a biometric weapon safe is with your hand which is hard to do if you don't let them and not very pleasant to consider.

If this type of weapon safe innovation intrigues you, we suggest checking out the SpeedVault SVB500 Biometric Safe which is intended to hold handguns.

 Speedvault SVB500

If there's a need for a bigger biometric safe, check out the Barska Large Biometric Rifle Safe.


  1. Fireproof and Waterproof Gun Safe

Most firearm safes are made of steel because steel is generally flame resistant – but can melt at very high temperatures like 2750 F.

It's not the metal box you ought to be concerned over, it's more the high heat penetrating through the metal and damaging the contents/valuables inside.

A house fire typically won't get hot enough to melt steel, but the encompassing heat will still be able to enter your metal box and that's what can damage your firearms.

The last thing you need is to have your weapons grilled inside your costly firearm safe. So it's always a good idea to check to see the safe you are considering purchasing is fireproof.

 Stack-On 24 Gun Fire Safe

The Stack-On Total Defence 24 Gun Safe is both waterproof and has a 75-minute/1400 degree fire rating.


  1. In-Wall Gun Safe

A "In wall gun safe" is by definition installed "in the wall". So rather than it being portable like some other firearm safe choices, this one is intended to stay fixed in because it is directly installed into the wall and it will prevent your whole firearm safe from being stolen.

A negative to this sort of firearm safe is that if you move residences, it's not as convenient and simple to transport with you. A positive to wall safes is they come in all assortments of lock alternatives from a combination lock, electric keypad, or fingerprint option.

These safes are additionally sold in various sizes, so in the event that you plan your purchases correctly, you'll have the option to fit all your key weapons in it.

The Stack-On 55" PWS In-Wall Safe is a great option for a wall firearm safe intended to hold multiple rifles.

Stack-On In Wall Safe

No Matter what you decide, the importance of keeping your firearms secure and family safe are paramount. The safe you choose should clearly be reflective of these two criteria.

Stay 'safe' out there... oh man, what a bad pun to end a terrific article.... I'll see myself out...