Top 5 Turkey Guns of All Time

Top 5 Turkey Guns of All Time

Nothing is more fulfilling than shooting a turkey with a heap of #5s. It's simply a unforgettable experience, and it is made more memorable with the right firearm.

Not long ago "turkey shotguns" hit the market and the class exploded in lockstep with the increase in turkey population and the eagerness to hunt them.

Nowadays, it's a miserable turkey hunter who doesn't own a camouflaged shotgun loaded for 3.5" magnums and choked perfectly so as to put a crazy measure of pellets in a paper plate at 40 meters.


These are our picks for the top 5 turkey shotguns of all time.


Mossberg 835 

Mossberg 835 Best Turkey Hunting Gun of all time.

I was 14 when I had my first experience with a 835 and despite the fact that I hit the paper target, I received a bloody nose and new found resect for recoil. At 15, I brought in a gobbler and shot him while he was staring at me. He flipped feet up in the air and most of his beard fell off. That firearm was dreadful medication for turkeys and was the result of Mossberg initially tending to the waterfowl market. They did, yet they likewise concluded it was the ideal pump-gun for turkey hunts so in the last part of the 80's they released their first. From that point forward, Mossberg has produced the absolute best, and most affordable, turkey firearms available.


Remington 11-87 

Remington 11-87 best Turkey Gun in the World

In spite of the fact that the first 1100 series shotgun came out many years eariler, it wasn't until 1987 that Remington delivered the 11-87. This shotgun included a progressive gas system that permitted it to shoot 2.75-inch and 3-inch turkey loads, making it one of the first semiautos focused towards turkey hunters. They later delivered the Super Magnum form that could deal with 3.5-inch beak busters, which really soared the 11-87 into turkey-firearm fame.


Winchester Model 1300 

Winchester 1300 best Shotgun in Canada

When there weren't a huge amount of hunters ready to dish out a great amount of  cash for a firearm used specifically just to hunt turkeys with, Winchester did convince them spend a modest amount in the end. The firearm they were purchasing was the bargain 1300 pump. It's presently known as the SXP however once upon a time it wasn't, and it was the workingman's turkey firearm and a ton of those workingmen and workingwomen utilized it to fill tags all through the spring. And continue to do so today.


Benelli Super Black Eagle 3

Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 best shotgun on earth

We go from one of the least expensive turkey firearms to one of the most expensive in Benelli's prevailing auto-loader. More than twenty plus years prior, Benelli delivered its first 12-gauge chambered in 3.5 inches, with it being financially unattainable to some, others took the plunge and never looked back. Initially intended to withstand the tough conditions duck hunters subject their shotguns to, the Black Eagle effectively won a spot in the hearts of the dedicated turkey hunters and could possibly be the GOAT...


Browning A5 

Browning A5 best hunting shotgun of all time

What hasn't been hunted with Browning's Auto-5s? The appropriate response is not a lot. Of the game taken with the firearm, turkeys were normal. This do-it-all semi-auto was offered in a three-inch Magnum model (among others), which was ideal for a growing amount of turkey hunters. This shotgun, which feels more ideal in a pheasant-filled CRP field, is one reason why many people purchase something cheap like a camouflage firearm sock for turkey season. In all fairness it didn't need to be camo we just wanted it that way.

And those are our picks for some of the greatest turkey shotguns or all time.

We hope you enjoyed reading! Happy hunting!