Uncovering the True Origin of the Mind Your Own Dam Business Flag

Uncovering the True Origin of the Mind Your Own Dam Business Flag

Let’s Start with the American Gadsden Flag

In the fall of 1775, the British were holding Boston and the youthful Continental Army were low on supplies and the odds were looking grim. Out of desperation a plan formed to hi-jack two supply ships stocked with black powder.

And thus the first pieces of the American Navy were formed. Five companies of Marines were called and with them they brought drums, painted yellow, emblazoned with a rattlesnake and the motto “Don’t Tread on Me”.

The concept being ‘I will not attack, but will defend’ and thus the symbolism of freedom and anti-tyranny was born.

Unfortunately, more recently this flag has been co-opted by a number of ignorant hate groups which has led to some controversy surrounding its meaning.

Dam Business Flag
The Mind Your Own Dam Business Flag

The Canadian parody of the flag with Beaver and Maple Leaves was created in order to break the modern association of the traditional flag. The ideology of the new flag is meant to include and encompass all Canadians, regardless of gender, race, class, sexuality, or ethnicity.

As Canadian firearm owners, we have spent many years self censoring while rules become more restrictive, seemingly motivated by political gain. Rather than standing up for our sport and lifestyle, we tend to follow a path of social appeasement.

The message of our flag is clear: attention regarding gun violence in Canada should be directed towards systems and methods that have historically proven effective around the globe. Focus placed on social programs, community outreach, mentorship programs, mental health support, and law enforcement training, rather than further restricting a group who have proven to be one of the most law abiding groups within the country.

Also, The Dam Business flag is awesome as well as funny!!!

Doesn’t sound so crazy, eh?