RuinHawk Military Deluxe Eyewear Kit

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The most used eye protection by many former Military Operators.
Do you like larping, looking cool, and being safe? Why not do all three at the same time!

This is the favoured eye protection kit by military, former military, and youtube larpers all around. It includes the following:

-Three sets of UV balistically tested lenses (tinted, clear, low visibility)
-One balistically tested tinted polarized lens
-Frame (colour of your choice)
-Adjustable sunglass strap
-Adjustable nose support
-Soft carrying bag
-Hard zip up carrying case
-Microfiber cloth

Additional specs:
  • 100% UV blockage for maximum protection
  • Built to exceed stringent U.S. and international Ballistic Impact Requirements for use in military and tactical operations
  • Precision manufactured lenses for distortion-free vision
  • Modify the nosepiece-by extending or retracting-to match your preferred fit and positioning
  • Ocumax Anti-Fog Coating

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