PDT Lightweight Breathable Balaklava

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• Scent Control Technology
• UV-Pro design absorbs sunlight and retains your own body heat
• Form-fitting balaclava offers full facial protection

Total coverage meets total performance in PDT Lightweight Balaklava. 600D nylon construction ensures lasting durability, while a host of UA advantage systems give you the ultimate edge. Scent Control Technology traps and suppresses your natural odor, reducing your scent signature in the field. The thin lightweight design allows your skin to breathe freely, helping to reduce glass or helmet fogging. The inner layer utilizes a thermo-conductive coating to absorb, retain and recirculate your own body heat, promoting greater warmth and energy conservation. Unlike ordinary balaclavas, the PDT Lightweight Balaklava brings truly form-fitting, full-face protection to shield you from the elements and keep your face out of game’s sight.

Machine wash. One size fits most.

Multiple colours and patterns available. 

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